Now Accepting Credit Cards

Well it has been a little while in coming but we’ve finally set up our PayPal account to accept credit cards to give you another option for payment other than checks.

To be honest, not too many of our Naperville clients have asked for a credit card option over the years but there have been a small handful that would prefer paying this way… so in order to keep up with client demands we thought we’d better get this sorted out.

The nice thing we’ve found with PayPal – unlike a regular hand-held credit card swiper – is that it keeps all of your confidential information extremely private.  We never have access to your credit cards or any private information. Not that we would ever do anything with your credit card data, but just the same, it makes us both feel more protected as it provides an extra measure of security when you pay.

You also don’t need to have an actual PayPal account to pay this way either – you can just choose to pay directly with the credit card of your choice. PayPal is then simply used as the credit card processor. Alternatively, if you already have a PayPal account with sufficient funds in it, you can pay with the money from your PayPal balance.

Hopefully this makes it a bit easier for some who would like to put their floor restoration project on credit and pay it off over time.

If you would like to use this payment option, just let us know at the start of your project and we’ll sort it out for you.

So how’s that… first this fancy blog and now fancy credit card payments.

Who said us hardwood floor guys don’t keep up with the times???

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